Vetted top 25% automotive candidates.

Ditch the job boards

Recruiting should not be so difficult or expensive. The job boards are a data dump of mostly low quality candidates. The top candidates have to be directly headhunted and vetted. Our new system delivers only candidates that we believe are the best performers in their area, including sales, F&I and service center.

Quick Access to Video Interviews

Once we receive a candidate from our headhunting partners, we start the vetting process by gathering any performance numbers the candidate has from their job. We also scrutinize any possible red flags such as job hopping or sudden unemployment. We record a one on one video interview where we ask the candidates in depth questions. You will see a fully vetted resume of only local candidates with salary information, recruiter notes and a full recorded interview.

Candidate Privacy

One of the reasons why we can get so many excellent candidates is because we take their privacy very seriously. We block their employers from seeing their profile, we don't use their name and we distort their face and voice slightly in the interview. This is the highest level of candidate privacy in the industry and as a result, the best candidates stay on our system for you to contact.

How You Interview

If you like a candidate on the system, the next step will be to either ask them a question or request an interview with them. If they like the sounds of the job you're considering them for, they will accept and you can arrange times. You only pay a small fee of a few percent of salary when the candidate has the interview. There are no fees for placing a candidate and no signup fees, just a straight forward system priced according to quality and delivery.


We are in the process of improving our platform to deliver information more seamlessly. Our main goal is to make it easy to find candidates without allowing our technology to diminish the quality of candidates we deliver. Our number one priority will always be to get the top performers in front of our clients.

Free Talent Strategy Consulting

We want our clients to succeed. That's why our strategic advice is free, including detailed job market reports and internal hiring analysis.

Explore More

Let us show you how it works and give you some sample candidates for free. You will be impressed with the candidates and can use the system as your needs scale up and down throughout the year.

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