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What Sets Us Apart?

You're disruptive to your industry? So are we. Trouble makers stick together.

We are 85-95% less expensive than traditional firms and we still use US based recruiters with guarantee placements. 

Nearly all clients are on the INC 5000 list.

We push your job descriptions to Facebook news feeds and browsers of highly targeted candidates.

Full service search and selection: advertising, Linkedin InMails, cold head-hunting campaigns.

In-depth candidate screening and offer stage consulting.

Recorded 5 minute snapshot video interviews and aptitude testing.

You can hire candidates from previous searches for free in the future.

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Why We Started

Shaking Up the System

M-C Recruitment was founded by Daniel Magyar-Cloudt. Daniel started developing the idea while working in London as an executive search consultant specialized in Lean Six Sigma. He learned the principals of lean and started to question how productive the recruitment industry was. He came to the same conclusion that many clients find: recruitment is a case study of poor management, limited productivity  and bad customer service. It's a cottage industry stuck in its 1980's roots. Daniel saw an opportunity to modernize.

From the inception, we were radically different. First by redefining what our role is in the recruitment process. We clearly saw that the current recruitment model, which charges a percent of candidate salary, was working under the assumption that recruiters are selling a product (the candidate's skills). This is an inherently flawed model. We felt that recruiters are actually providing a service, not selling a product, of intelligence collection, people liaising (making friends) and client consulting.  

We no longer see ourselves as selling a product.  That means the industry standard of allocating 75% of all costs to Business Development is reduced to just 5% of our total cost. We know it sounds odd to be considered revolutionary just because we spend a majority of our money actually providing services to a client – but that’s exactly how upside down the recruitment industry is.

Investing in Headhunting

The huge amounts of money we were saving had to be converted into value add for the client -or we'd have no clients at all!  We decided to find a balance between improving quality and reducing cost by using lean methodologies.  It started with defining exactly what we wanted the client experience to be and then pulling the system to match that expectation.  We believe that clients are competent at recruitment but come to us to get the tactical work off their desk and get exceptional strategic expertise only a focused consultancy can provide. Clients don't want to be first class passengers anymore but rather want to be in the cockpit with us as a passive extension of our team.

That means that we have to cover a talent pool like no one else.  We invest heavily in extraordinary amounts of deep web data and career sites.  We have aggressive strategies to contact a huge amount of targeted candidates not actively looking, then whittle down hundreds of potentials into just 5-10 very good, interested candidates.  We also introduced recorded video interviews to help clients make more informed decisions about the best people to bring to interview.

Amazingly, the quality improvements gave us more cost savings thanks to lean.  The result is that we cover a talent pool as well or better than top executive search firms and we do it for less total cost than an internal talent acquisition team.  We know we're doing well because most clients that start with one role end up giving us every single new position afterwards.


We needed a very specific IT contractor for the Pentagon with a Top Secret Clearance.  There are only a small number of people qualified in the world, but within one week M-C Recruitment brought us the very person that did the job for 10 years with great Admiral references.

John Capiteli
HR Director at PowerTek
An INC 5000 Company

We have a great volume of high quality candidates for a fraction of the normal cost.  We also enjoy the new video interviewing platform that gives us a snapshot of candidates before interviewing them.

Hal Stein
VP of Sales at Back Office Associates
A Goldman Sachs Company

We sorted through about 500 resumes and our top two picks came from M-C Recruitment.  We love that we can hire multiple people for the cost of one search, making it incredibly cheap.

Sarah Wilson
Director at Praetorian Group
An INC 5000 Company

I was skeptical of how their system would work at first, but we have been really impressed with the quality.  M-C Recruitment is averaging about 90% lower cost than other recruiters and we’re using them for all of our hiring.

Michael Maledon
CEO of Inilex
Forbes 100 Most Promising Companies List & INC 5000 Company

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