Build Your Career With Us

M-C Recruitment is here to help you, either to place you in one of our client organizations free of charge
or to help you with writing a better resume and interview practice.


Awesome jobs from our clients with a few steps from you:

  • 1. We help you make a smart decision and consider all of your goals, including salary.
  • 2. Our clients are top in their niches and growing quickly.
  • 3. We are focused on our candidate experience. We like you to work closely with your future employers during the interview process. Our task after getting you to the hiring managers is to work in the background as a project manager.

Make a strategic career move and love your job!

We can help you get an offer that's right for you in just the right amount of time. Some candidates need three weeks, some need three years.

We're here to help you, the first step is to send your resume for review.


How do you get in front of our clients?

  • 1. Send us your resume.
  • 2. We will match your skills to our open positions and ask you any questions to clarify your experience.
  • 3. You are introduced to key employers waiting for you.
  • 4. Get offers and work with us to make the best decision.

We have over 75 jobs open with clients in both IT and Automotive

  • Sales $80k to $300k
  • Engineers $60k to $140k
  • Management $100k to $450k
  • Operations $50k to $150k